Boosting Artificial Intelligence in the Healthcare Sector

AIHealth is an integral solution that allows the application of all the advantages of Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare sector, guaranteeing total security and privacy.

It uses Artificial Intelligence models in state-of-the-art, private and isolated environments to guarantee information security.

AIHealth Ecosystem

We offer you our ecosystem of artificial intelligence solutions, based on the latest advances in natural language processing, generative AI, machine learning and deep learning.

Artificial intelligence solutions and models specially designed and developed for the healthcare sector, guaranteeing total security and privacy.


Why AI Health?

Healthcare Sector

20 years developing innovation projects in all areas of the healthcare sector.

Data Science

More than 200 Data Science projects carried out. We extract value from data to transform it into knowledge and predictive strategies.


Our priority is always the security and privacy of all our solutions (ENS, ISOs, RGPD, external audits, …).

Artificial intelligence with full security and privacy

The rise of Artificial Intelligence is causing a real revolution and is radically changing the way we work, unlocking enormous potential and boosting productivity to levels never seen before.
But it is also arousing sensitivities in large companies in very sensitive sectors such as the world of healthcare.
In response to these sensitivities, AI Health is born, the comprehensive solution to apply all the advantages offered by artificial intelligence in an environment of total security and privacy.

Our certifications and audits

Ethical principles of AI

Quodem is committed to the advancement of artificial intelligence, but controlled by certain ethical principles that put people first. When implementing artificial intelligence solutions, we subscribe to the principles of benchmark companies such as Microsoft to consider the following artificial intelligence principles in the solution.

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