AIHealth Ecosystem

We offer you our ecosystem of artificial intelligence solutions, based on the latest advances in natural language processing, generative AI, machine learning and deep learning.

Artificial intelligence solutions and models specially designed and developed for the healthcare sector, guaranteeing total security and privacy.

Composite AI

Under this innovative concept we combine multiple artificial intelligence technologies and approaches to solve complex problems that cannot be addressed by a single model. We integrate different algorithms, techniques and specialised modules, enabling more robust and versatile solutions.


Innovation and Accuracy: Our AI Solutions


Key points in the implementation of Artificial Intelligence models

  • Private and isolated infrastructure compliant with all healthcare regulations
  • Model training (Fine Tuning or RAG) of private documents in controlled environments
  • Combination of LLM (Language Large Models) with Data Lakes to generate context to meet legal and compliance requirements
  • Integration into corporate processes via secure endpoints (VPN, Dx)

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Models

Using these models, our systems can understand and produce language naturally, unlocking the potential to handle unstructured data and process information in human language.

PLN can be used to analyse large volumes of medical literature, identify trends in research, automate responses to frequent queries, improve clinical record management, optimise internal processes, etc.


Generative AI

Artificial intelligence models and systems that have the ability to generate new and original content. These systems can create everything from text and images to music and designs, based on the data and patterns they have learned.
Their power scales exponentially if used through methodologies such as ReAct (Reason + Act). Once the ingested information has been analysed, the system reacts by generating new content to meet the need.


Cognitive Models

Cognitive Models refer to systems that mimic the cognitive functions of the human brain, such as learning, reasoning and decision-making. They are able to analyse and interact with the environment, the main models are based on the analysis of language, speech, text and images.
From basic functions such as automatic podcast generation, simultaneous translation to more advanced ones such as image categorisation or unstructured text.


Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Neural network models capable of learning and improving automatically from experience and data, analysing and interpreting patterns and structures in large volumes of data.
This allows systems to make predictions, find levers that affect the business, detect anomalies, segment and predict behaviour, make personalised recommendations, etc.


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